In addition to the compulsory information that should be recorded pursuant to the relevant legislation, Crowne Plaza requests information from its customers that are deemed necessary in order to offer the best services and products consistent with its objectives.

Customer information is kept confidential within the secure environment established in Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye and access of the employees and responsible persons working in Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye to customer information is regulated within the framework of the policies of Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye; customer details are not shared with any person or authority except for compulsory situations specified in the relevant legislation.

A provision on confidentiality of customer information is included in the contracts signed with service providers for outsourced services and service providers and their employees are required to comply with the confidentiality and secret keeping rules determined in parallel with the Policies of Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye.

Customer details are shared with other entities upon request of customers except for courts and public authorities. In case Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye is required to provide information, it shall be sufficient to communicate this request by calling the telephone number +90 212 291 60 80.

Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye hereby declares that your trust is appreciated based on the condition that customer details are kept confidential within the scope of the relevant legislation.


Personal information may be collected during each meeting or each conversation initiated with our guests. The aforementioned personal details may include the following in addition to additional details you choose to share with us: Name, Surname, Contact Details, Date of Birth, Communication Methods of Preference, Title, Address, Credit Card Details, Flight and Travelling Schedule, Check-in and Check-out Date, Room Preferences, Rent A Car and Flight Packages


Personal information is used with the purpose of providing the services requested from Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye and facilitating the following operations:

Bookings; purchases made from Crowne Plaza Istanbul store; flight ticket bookings, rent a car transactions and other transactions. Personal information is also used for meeting and event planning purposes and administrative purposes.

In addition, such information may be used with the purpose of meeting the following objectives:

Improving services of Crowne Plaza Istanbul; showing high level of hospitality and making sure that the site attracts attention. Such information is also used for sending bulletins, promotions and special offers, carrying out online questionnaires, organizing lotteries or other competitions via e-mail, telephone or mail.


Third parties that entered into contract with Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye with the purpose of providing services may collect impersonal information (i.e. list of websites visited) when this site is visited or interacted. Similar to the practices of many other websites, our site also uses "identification information" or other technologies with the purpose of offering contents appealing to your interests, processing your bookings and requests and/ or analysing your visit behaviours. Identification information is not used with the sole purpose of disclosing your personal identification details to any other parties. When you visit our web site, this information is not used to identify you but it is used for identifying your browser. If you would like to remove identification information from your computer, you can do this by using your browser (please check "help" menu of your browser in order to find out how to delete identification information).

We may collect information by using "pixel labels", "web beacon", "clean GIFs" or similar methods (collectively, "pixel labels") in order to find out when you have visited our web site. Pixel labels allow collecting impersonal information or general information (i.e. domain name, browser version or your URL) in order to improve your online experience and understand traffic patterns (time and frequency of customer visits).

In addition, we may use third party advertisement sites in order to put ads in websites. Please keep in mind third party advertisers also use identification information, pixel labels and other technologies in addition to other methods in order to keep records of visited sites when ads are placed and determine which ads are viewed in your browser. Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye is not able to control the use of such technologies and information collected and it is not responsible for actions and policies of the third parties.

We may use or disclose impersonal information for any purposes since such information do not identify you. In some cases, we may combine personal information with impersonal information (such as adding e-mail addresses in identification information). In case we combine impersonal information with personal information, we shall treat combined information as personal information in accordance with this Policy.


Our website may contain links to third party websites. Please keep in mind that we do not undertake any responsibility in connection of collection, use, storage, sharing or disclosure of the data and information by third parties.

If you give information to third parties, confidentiality policy and service conditions of such sites shall apply. We recommend you to read confidentiality policies of the websites you visit prior to providing any personal information.


Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye will take the appropriate measures in order to ensure the following: (i) collected information shall be protected against unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration and (ii) personal information shall be kept in accurate and up-to-date manner and in accordance with the relevant legislation. In addition we make effort to ensure that our subsidiaries and service providers exercise due diligence in order to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. We benefit from the technology in online transactions in order to protect personal information you send via our website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that all security systems or systems transferring the data via internet are safe.

We recommend you not to provide any important personal information in e-mails you send to us in order to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. Please do not send us credit card number or any other important information via e-mail.


This policy may be amended time by time. In case material changes are made to this policy, amended policy is published in our website. The date provided above the policy shows the latest revision date of this Policy. Amendments to the policy enter into force upon publishing the amended Policy in our website. Use of the website following such amendments show that the amended Policy in effect on that date has been accepted by you.


In case you have any questions on this Policy or how your personal information is used by Crowne Plaza Istanbul Harbiye, please send an e-mail to or contact by sending a mail to Dolapdere Cad. No:163/1 34375 Harbiye, İstanbul address.